24/7 Emergency Contact

If this is a life, limb, eyesight, or other significant emergency, seek immediate medical care at the closest hospital or medical facility. Find the 911 equivalent for your current location.

University Emergency Contact

In the event of an emergency, please contact the University of Illinois Police Department (UIPD) using the emergency number below. UIPD will link travelers abroad with our staff.

 Call Now   +1-217-333-1216

Be prepared to provide:

  • Caller name and contact information;
  • Traveler name and contact information (if you are not the one calling);
  • Traveler location (city, country);
  • Program or reason for travel;
  • Nature of the emergency and what assistance that is needed.

International Insurance

Travelers can also contact the international insurance provider. Contact Gallagher Global Assistance at +1-866-693-6873 or +1-312-935-9242 to arrange for medical care, including finding a local hospital and arranging a guarantee of payment. Travelers can also use the assist email GallagherGlobalAssistance@ajg.com. More information may be found on the International Insurance page.

U.S. Department of State

This number should not be used for a life, limb, eyesight, or other significant emergency situation. The U.S. Department of State provides limited assisted to travelers abroad and families or friends in the United States by calling +1-888-407-4747 from the United States or +1-202-501-4444 from overseas. More information can be found on the Travel.State.Gov website. Contact information for the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate can be located at USEmbassy.Gov website.

International Safety and Security Announcements

Updates affecting university travelers and announcements will be posted on the International Safety and Security Announcements blog.