COVID-19 Travel Considerations

To determine if now is the best time to travel, review these essential considerations:

Essentiality of Travel

Is this travel essential to my job/research at this time? Can travel be delayed until conditions improve? Are the planned/anticipated activities feasible with social distancing and other precautionary measures?

Travel Warnings

After reviewing the Department of State travel advisory levels, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) travel health notices, and the CDC’s COVID-19 travel recommendations, do I feel comfortable traveling to the destination? Will my department/unit approve me to travel in these conditions?

Destination Restrictions

Do I understand and have the ability to comply with host nation precautionary measures? Is the host nation using punitive measures to support compliance (fines, detainment, etc.)? What is the likelihood that my activities could be cancelled during travel?

Local Traveler Support

Is adequate personal protective equipment available to support my contacts and myself in country? Do I have adequate contacts at the destination to provide emergency support if required?

Infection Rates and Trends

What are the recent/current trends related to COVID-19 infections in the local community? Are case numbers and new infections waning for at least two weeks?

Impact of Quarantine (if required)

What are the financial implications for infection, quarantine or other possible trip interruptions to include host nation precautionary measures? What is the impact if I must self-isolate or quarantine upon return?

Impact on Local Community

Will my activities transmit the infection to others at the destination? Will my presence cause a strain on local resources that could be needed for the host nation’s citizens?