Reporting an Incident

International Safety and Security is the best contact point to activate university support in an emergency while traveling abroad. We should be informed of emergencies as soon as possible to provide guidance, coordinate campus support, and inform relevant stakeholders.

24/7 Emergency Contact

The first priority of a program leader or traveler is immediate care for injured or threatened travelers. When safe to do so, leaders or travelers should contact our staff through the University of Illinois Police Department (UIPD).

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For routine situations, email or submission of the Incident Reporting Form is the preferred means of contact.

Incident Reporting Form

The Incident Reporting Form can either be used to provide additional information after contacting our staff by phone or to initially notify us of a minor incident.

Critical, time sensitive incidents involving threats to life, limb, eyesight, or severe distress should be reported immediately to local authorities, emergencies services, or program providers to obtain immediate assistance. Once the immediate threat to well-being has been managed, please fill out this form.

For other time sensitive issues, please contact us using the 24/7 Emergency Contact Number.

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Use This Form For...

For non-time sensitive incidents, or incidents that have been resolved but still require university notification, please submit an Incident Report.

After notification using the 24/7 Emergency Contact Number, our staff will coordinate for submission of an Incident Report to document the incident and steps taken.

If in doubt, please submit a report. Submitting this form does not obligate the university to take immediate action. However, submission will assist the university in determining how best to respond.

Any traveler or person with knowledge of an incident may submit an Incident Report. Program leaders for university-related travel must submit an Incident Report when they have knowledge of an incident requiring notification. Family and friends with knowledge of a traveler requiring assistance may use this form.

By submitting an Incident Report, an individual agrees to be contacted by our staff, if appropriate or required, to provide further information and/or assist in incident management.

For parents, family members, and friends, please note that university communications regarding students is guided by the Family Educational Rights and Protection Act (FERPA). This requires schools to protect the privacy of student education records. Schools usually must have written permission from the student in order to release any information from a student's education record, including release to parents. While some exceptions for emergencies exist, our ability to share information is limited. Consequently, in many instances, our staff will work directly with the traveler or program provider when providing assistance; third parties who submit an Incident Report might not be contacted. Where appropriate, we will ask travelers to remain in contact with family and friends.

In order to respond appropriately, our staff requires essential information regarding the incident. If required information is unknown, please annotate “unknown” in the form. Awareness of the incident is more important than having all the information. However, submission of incomplete forms will require extra time for a response as we will have to research missing information.

  • Reporter’s contact information;
  • Additional points of contact;
  • Program name and information;
  • University traveler affected;
  • Location;
  • Nature of the event;
  • Summary of the incident;
  • People/organizations already notified;
  • Actions taken to-date and next steps, and
  • Any files to be uploaded/shared.

Report an Incident

Follow-Up Form

If further information or routine reporting for the duration of an incident is required, follow-up reports should be submitted. These reports are intended to complete the record regarding incidents that need continued assistance.

Submit a Follow-Up Report