Coverage and Benefits

University policy requires enrollment in university-approved international insurance for all students, program leaders, and some faculty and staff participating in university-related travel. International Safety and Security manages the insurance enrollment process. Consult the Policy on Health and Safety in Study Abroad for more information.

Insurance ID Card & Policy Brochure

A copy of the insurance ID card and policy brochure can be found in multiple locations:

Register for Insurance


The university-approved international insurance is not comprehensive travel insurance. It is health insurance with security evacuation coverage and very limited travel coverage. Travelers requiring significant cancellation or interruption benefits should augment this policy with additional insurance. Refer to Other Insurance Products for more information.

A detailed decription of the university-approved international insurance benefits is on pages 6-11 of the Policy Brochure. Policy benefits are:

Total maximum per covered accident or sickness $500,000
Maximum for pre-existing conditions $10,000
Deductible $0 per covered accident or sickness
Co-insurance rate 100% of the usual and customary charges
Incurral period: 30 days after the date of covered accident or sickness
Maximum Period of Coverage 365 days
Dental treatment: injury only Treated as any other injury
Dental treatment: alleviation of pain $250 per tooth, $500 max
Emergency medical treatment of pregnancy Treated as any other medical condition
Room & board charges Average rate of a semi-private room
ICU room & board charges Two (2) times the average rate of a semi-private room
Chiropractic care $50 per visit, $500 max
Mental and nervous disorders:
1. Inpatient
2. Outpatient

$20,000 (40-day maximum)
$10,000 (40-visit maximum)
Newborn nursery care $500
Prescription drugs:
1. Inpatient co-insurance
2. Outpatient co-insurance

100% of covered expenses
100% of covered expenses
Therapeutic termination of pregnancy $500
Emergency medical benefit Up to $10,000
Trip cancellation and Trip Interruption Benefits $1,000 each per traveler (limitations apply)
Chaperone Replacement Benefit $1,500 per trip
Emergency medical evacuation benefit 100% of the covered expenses
Repatriation of remains benefit 100% of the covered expenses
Emergency reunion benefit
1. Benefit maximum
2. Daily benefit maximum
3. Maximum number of days

10 days
Home country emergency benefit
1. Benefit maximum
2. Deductible
3. Maximum benefit period

30 days
Deductible per trip $50
Personal property
1. Benefit maximum per trip
2. Benefit maximum per item or set of items

Financial instrument
1. Benefit maximum per trip
2. Benefit maximum for cash

Benefit maximum $100,000
Aggregate limit per occurrence $1,000,000
Principle sum:
1. Class 1
2. Spouse of class 1
3. Children of class 1


The university’s international insurance policy covers the cost of medical care to treat infectious diseases, including COVID-19 and Monkeypox (MPV) as well as cover required quarantine or isolation. Details are available under the first FAQ of the Insurance FAQs page.

Quarantine Benefit* $2,000 per traveler, per trip

* Important note 1: The quarantine benefit will NOT apply to mandatory quarantine upon arrival as a precaution required by the host government. This is a known cost and should be planned for accordingly.

* Important note 2: Reimbursement of quarantine benefits requires an official test with written results. A home test is not sufficient.