Registering for international insurance for university-related travel varies by program type and status with the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The four most common scenarios are listed below (students, RSOs, faculty and staff leading programs, and faculty and staff on other travel).


All undergraduate and graduate students participating in university-related travel are required to enroll in international insurance.

Most undergraduate students participating in pre-approved semester-length, year-long, or faculty-led education abroad programs will be automatically enrolled. If you are unsure that you will be automatically enrolled in the International Insurance, please check with the study abroad office sponsoring your program. The university strongly urges students to purchase international leisure travel insurance for any personal travel before or after the dates of your program.

Graduate students must now register using the student application, not the faculty and staff application. Units may pay for student's international insurance by entering CFOP information in the billing questionnaire.


Registered Student Organizations

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) are required to report international travel to International Safety and Security. RSOs should fill out the RSO International Travel Reporting Form. Upon receipt of this form, our staff will enroll the RSO members in the international insurance.

Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff leading programs abroad are required to enroll in international insurance. Faculty and staff traveling abroad for other university-associated reasons—such as research or conferences—are strongly encourage to register for international insurance. After July 31, 2019, coverage will be provided free of charge to all faculty and staff who enroll.



Travelers who do not fit within one of these categories or have questions regarding registering, should contact us for other options.