Identity & Inclusion

International Safety and Security recognizes that different aspects of your identity may impact your experience abroad. We encourage all travelers to reflect on the different aspects of their identity when preparing for travel abroad.


How you identify in the United States may not be how you choose to identify abroad and may not be how you are identified by your destination country. We encourage all travelers to research your destination country’s history, culture, laws, and demographics.

Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange, the campus study abroad office, maintains a number of pages devoted to individual identities. We encourage you to visit their site for additional questions, tips, and resources from an education abroad perspective.

Identity & Inclusion Resources

The sections below are International Safety and Security resources that may serve as a starting point to your research.

Disclaimer: International Safety and Security provides the following links for informational purposes only. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information contained in the linked websites and do not specifically endorse any organization, information, or products associated with those websites. We encourage travelers to consult multiple sources to make informed decisions.