Training for Program Leaders

In accordance with the university Policy on Health & Safety in Education Abroad, International Safety and Security provides training for faculty and staff program leaders each semester.

Upcoming Trainings

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Orientation Workshops

The Program Leader Safety and Best Practices Workshops guide program leaders (faculty, staff, or students leading programs) in preparing for the safest possible experience abroad.

Those who are leading, or assisting, short-term education abroad programs or other university-related travel abroad for students must attend at least one workshop within 12 months preceding the travel. New leaders must take the 101 workshop and returning leaders are required to take the 101 workshop every other year. Anyone is welcome to join the 201 workshop; this counts as a required workshop in lieu of the 101 every other year. Your Study Abroad office and International Safety and Security keep attendance and can confirm if the 101 is required for a particular leader.

101 Workshop

This workshop informs leaders about incident management expectations and facilitates understanding through discussion of real-life scenarios of incidents abroad. Topics include university expectations, group best practices, international insurance, student behavior, pre-departure orientations, and incident response. This workshop also provides a unique opportunity to discuss questions, concerns, or clarifications with our staff and other program leaders.

201 Workshop

This workshop occurs in a variety of formats, from round-table discussions to guest presentations. These workshops are an opportunity to discuss one's experiences while leading programs abroad to share knowledge and learn from new and experienced program leaders alike. If you have a topic to present or something you would like to explore further, please let us know and we will try to accommodate.

Student Pre-Departure Training

If you would like to review standard pre-departure training, use the links below to view training videos by topic (currently these resources are only accessible to University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign students, faculty, and staff through Box).

International Insurance Student Guide

Students can review information concerning benefits and assistance in the International Insurance Student Guide (PDF). Students should be encouraged to download the mobile guide (PDF) to their smartphone, tablet, or other device before travel. After reviewing the guide, students with remaining questions can contact International Safety and Security.


If you have questions related to the Workshops, please contact us.