Training for Students

Students participating on pre-approved education abroad programs or other university-related travel are required to receive pre-departure training developed by International Safety and Security. This training is one component of a comprehensive pre-departure orientation to prepare students for their experiences abroad.

Pre-Departure Trainings

If you would like to review the pre-departure training provided by our staff, follow the links below to view training videos by topic (currently these resources are only accessible to University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign students, faculty, and staff through Box).

Town Hall / Safety Abroad Seminar Recordings

International Insurance Student Guide

Students can review information concerning benefits and assistance in the International Insurance Student Guide (PDF). Students are encouraged to download the mobile guide (PDF) to their smartphone, tablet, or other device before travel. After reviewing the guide, students with remaining questions can contact International Safety and Security.

Semester, Academic Year, or Other Long-Term Programs

Students participating in semester, academic year, or other long-term programs should be scheduled for Global Perspectives Course (LAS 291/292). This course provides safety and security content through video presentations and requires students to complete a check on learning for each topic.

Short-Term and Other Programs

Each education abroad office has different forms of pre-departure training. For the most accurate information, please consult with the Study Abroad Office sponsoring your program. This information can be found on the program brochure page in My Study Abroad. If your program is not supported by an Study Abroad Office or you are unsure who to contact, please contact us and we will provide resources or arrange for appropriate training.

University-Related Travel

Individuals traveling on other university-related business should be familiar with the associated university policies for such travel. Visit the University Travel Policies page to learn more about these requirements.

Personal Travel

If you decide to travel outside of your set program dates, consult the Personal Travel page of our website for additional information about insurance and general travel tips.